Melrose Stories Exhibit Walking Tour

What are the boundaries of a neighborhood? Where does home end and the rest of the world begin? When you close your eyes and think of home, what do you see? Through the Melrose Oral History Project, we have had the honor of learning about home from the people of Melrose, whether home is an apartment building, music group, garden, church, or center of learning. We have been inspired by the passionate commitment to community here, and we’ve also been reminded that imagining a better future requires us to listen to and learn from each other’s individual histories. While you reflect on the rich history and indomitable resilience of the many generations—past and present—who have found a sense of belonging in Melrose, we encourage you to listen in your own neighborhoods, homes, and families. We firmly believe that our lives and spirits depend on it.

The Melrose Stories Walking Exhibit Tour is an interactive tour that incorporates many historic sites and wonderful restaurants that will host the exhibits throughout Melrose!

Please refer to the map below, which points out the sites in Melrose that are hosting the exhibit. The exhibit will remain up until September 2020. If you have any questions, contact us at