Commercial Revitalization

Street view, Melrose in the Bronx.

WHEDco works to attract new businesses to the commercial corridors surrounding our buildings in South Bronx. These businesses provide economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs, enable residents to shop in their own neighborhoods, and create safer, more vibrant streets for pedestrians.

WHEDco’s core community revitalization goal is to respond to locally identified needs and advocate for area improvements that better residents’ quality of life. To that end, WHEDco channels the area’s history, culture, and existing social fabric into participatory community planning, surveying, resident and merchant organizing, and real estate and data analyses that form the basis of creating a community-based economic development strategy.

To make our neighborhoods more economically vibrant, WHEDco:

  • Attracts new businesses to vacant storefronts
  • Encourages community members to shop locally
  • Partners with NYC agencies to facilitate streetscape improvements
  • Advocates for increased lighting and maintenance for the elevated train tracks
  • Beautifies the neighborhood by planting street trees and spearheading public art projects
  • Hosts block parties to foster community engagement