Community Engagement

Participants spray paint a mural as part of WHEDco's ArtsFest.

Initiatives like Bronx Summer Fest, Boogie Down Booths, Resident Surveys, and Arts Fest are part of WHEDco’s comprehensive community engagement efforts. Our approach includes strengthening communities with green affordable housing, educational and health resources, opportunities for cultural expression, businesses that serve local needs, and commercial corridor improvements to support local commerce, community activity and creativity.

Our community engagement activities include annual programming, such as:

  • Civic Engagement: WHEDco works to ensure that Bronx residents can make their voices heard at the ballot box.
  • Bronx Summer Fest on the Boulevard Concert Series: Bronx Summer Fest provides another stage for established and emerging Bronx artists of all ages to share their talents with the community and build audiences. Summer Fest takes place across one to two weekends.
  • WHEDco ArtsFest: An event celebrating and showcasing the variety of ways that WHEDco integrates the arts in our work to increase both accessibility and appreciation for the arts, promote family well-being, strengthen our community’s “pride of place”, and support the Bronx’s thriving artistic community.
  • WHEDco WellFest: An event that highlights the many facets of WHEDco’s work on health and wellness. Activities are open to both WHEDco clients and staff throughout the day, including dance and movement classes, nutrition workshops, gardening activities and health screenings.