Free Legal Assistance for Business Owners

WHEDco works with non-profit legal service providers to help existing small business owners and entrepreneurs access high-quality legal services at no cost to them. Talk to a Small Business Attorney for free on topics such as:

  • Selecting a legal entity (LLCs and Corporations)
  • Business formation, including creating bylaws, operating agreements, and investor agreements
  • Writing basic contracts between clients and vendors or independent contractors
  • Drafting your websites Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for your website
  • Employment policies and Human Resources matters
  • Trademarking and copyrighting

You can also get help with commercial lease matters through Commercial Lease Assistance Program (CLA). Even if you are not having an issue, CLA can help you:

    • Understanding what is in your lease…
      • What do you actually owe every month
      • How much will your rent go up next year
      • Who has to pay if repairs are needed
    • Negotiating, changing or ending your lease
    • Drafting oral and unwritten agreements
    • Addressing landlord harassment/breach of contract

Call WHEDco at 347-973-0945 to set up an appointment with a lawyer.


Upcoming Events

Thurs, March 3 at noon: Q+A on Instagram Live
Join us on Instagram @southernblvd on Thurs, March 3 from 12–12:30PM to find out about your rights as a commercial tenant and ask questions affecting your business.

Thurs, March 10 at 6pm: Commercial Lease Assistance Webinar via Zoom
Join us on Zoom on March 10 from 6–7PM for an in-depth webinar on how to understand your lease, your rights & responsibilities as a tenant, and how to get free help through the CLA program.
Register at: or call 347-973-0945

Tues, March 15: Legal Clinic – Speak to a Lawyer One-on-one for Free
Schedule an appointment on March 15 to speak with a lawyer one-on-one for free. Appointment times:
2:00 PM | 2:30 PM | 3:00 PM | 3:30 PM
To make an appointment, call: 347-973-0945