Meet Sunshine and Bernie: Therapy Dogs Help Campers Unwind, Improve Self-Esteem

Two organizations are helping students relax this summer after a long school year by bringing therapy dogs to their summer camp.

Sunshine and Bernie are two pups from the nonprofit organization A Fair Shake For Youth, which helps kids build empathy and improve self-esteem through connections with pets.

The group partnered with Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco) to give lucky kids a chance to build those important qualities and relieve stress.

“It’s a level of enthusiasm and excitement that you just don’t see anywhere else,” said Jamie Yellen, program director at WHEDco.

This marks the fifth year that the two organizations have partnered to bring the therapy dogs in, and campers and organizers alike always look forward to it.

“It helps me think about less things,” said camper Jeremiah Butler. “I just focus on that thing while we’re there.”

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