Small Businesses

Tenant makes empanadas at WHEDco's Bronx CookSpace.

Creating pride of place with safer, healthier and more vibrant neighborhoods, and creating opportunities for financial security!

We believe that healthy, vibrant neighborhoods emerge where culture and commerce intersect. We envision sustainable economic opportunities based on a community’s needs and local assets, and public spaces that reflect a community’s collective memory and experience.

Our Small Business Development programs and Community Development approach focus on working with local residents to create places where people will be proud to live, work and shop.

Small Business Development:

WHEDco empowers low-income New Yorkers to create their own economic opportunities by starting small businesses. We offer a variety of programs that help people build careers out of the work they are already doing, or to access new opportunities to start small businesses.

WHEDco has helped thousands of people build bridges out of poverty, creating good jobs while increasing the quality and safety of the services they provide.

  • Home-based Childcare Microenterprise: WHEDco helps women to start and grow successful childcare businesses. These businesses provide children with nurturing environments in which to learn and grow, while enabling parents to seek and maintain employment.
  • Bronx CookSpace: WHEDco helps men and women grow successful businesses in the food industry by providing affordable commercial kitchen space in our Urban Horizons building to emerging food companies.
  • Commercial Revitalization: WHEDco works with local merchants and residents in the South Bronx and continues to revitalize the commercial corridors near its building.