Children & Families

Children are engaged at WHEDco's After-School Programs


WHEDco’s early childhood and youth development programs prepare Bronx children for the future by providing the resources critical for success. Our comprehensive approach to education and discovery stimulates each student’s mind, body and artistic spirit.

  • Early Childhood Education: WHEDco’s nationally-accredited Urban Horizons Early Childhood Discovery Center, an Early Learn program, serves pre-school children from 20 countries. The program offers a nurturing environment that prepares children for school and engages parents in their education. Our family support services include adult literacy classes, counseling, and access to job opportunities.
  • Youth Education & Development: WHEDco reaches 1000 Bronx students annually through educational and creative programming that prepares them for future success. Our Youth Development programs serve students from kindergarten through high school year-round.
  • Home-based Childcare Programs: WHEDco helps women build and grow successful home-based childcare microenterprises throughout the City. These small businesses help women secure financial independence while simultaneously improving the quality of childcare available to New Yorkers.
  • South Bronx Early College Academy: Opened in August 2015, ECA offers students a comprehensive liberal arts education that emphasizes project-based learning and deep engagement across a range of subjects, including arts, music, and computer science.

Family Support:

WHEDco’s family support services link Bronx residents to the kinds of resources that are critical for success and prosperity.

Our services include:

  • Benefits counseling
  • Mental health counseling
  • School partnerships
  • A weekly food pantry
  • Access to other vital resources

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