For Parents

Children learn through the Home-Based Childcare Program

Helping families find childcare and early childhood education options that fit their needs!

We match parents and licensed childcare providers to place children in nurturing home-based daycare businesses, where they can develop to their full potential and prepare for a smooth transition to Head Start or pre-K programs.

Through its Home-Based Childcare Program (HBCC), WHEDco works with families to help them explore options, determine their eligibility for subsidies, and provide orientation on how to select the right caregiver for their needs.

We rely on a strong network of 400+ licensed & regulated childcare providers, as well as WHEDco-affiliated home-based childcare providers within the EarlyLearn NYC Program. For parents selecting their own caregivers, WHEDco serves as New York City’s official enrollment agency for license-exempt caregivers. At our Hub Locations, we process enrollment applications to help determine the eligibility of unlicensed caregivers.

In addition to providing orientation services to families in order to help them select the childcare provider that meets their needs, WHEDco offers support services to licensed, registered, and legally-exempt service providers through its Home-Based Childcare Training Program. To learn more about services to providers, CLICK HERE.

Types of Care:

EarlyLearn NYC Program
Places children from 6 weeks to 4 years of age in a WHEDco-affiliated home-based childcare program, through subsidized contract care. Families must meet eligibility requirements. If eligibility is established, WHEDco will match families with licensed childcare providers from our EarlyLearn Network. To learn more, CLICK HERE!
Network Affiliates
Group of licensed caregivers who are able to service families with or without subsidies. WHEDco has a network of 400+ licensed & regulated providers that offer safe & nurturing learning environments for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.
Legally-Exempt Childcare
Is care provided by an unlicensed childcare provider. Legally-exempt providers are not required to have a license or registration, but are required to pass background checks and meet certain safety standards. Legally-exempt providers may care for one to two children other than their own, usually in the provider’s home. WHEDco processes enrollment applications, determines the eligibility of your selected caregiver to be paid with the use of childcare subsidy in accordance with state requirements, and performs home visits to ensure that childcare providers remain in compliance. To apply, download and complete enrollment documents (LDS-4699 for family childcare or LDSS-4700 for group programs) at Click here for our hub office locations.
If your family cannot be placed in the EarlyLearn NYC Program or one of our network affiliates, WHEDco will refer you to another agency that may meet your family’s needs.

Childcare Assistance:

Starting August 1, 2022, some families are eligible to receive assistance for paying for their childcare. To learn more, click here.

For More Information:

Please contact WHEDco’s Home-Based Childcare Program (HBCC) at 347-708-7800.