Webinar: COVID-19 Management: Contracts and Financial Tools

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¡Seminario disponible en inglés y español!

This webinar will bring together legal & financial management professionals from the non-profit Start Small Think Big to help address common questions small business owners have about contract obligations and financial options, in light of COVID19.

The legal segment of this workshop will provide an overview of contract use and requirements, including:

  • rendering a contract;
  • understanding commonly-included boilerplate language;
  • the responsibilities, roles, and obligations of the parties;
  • suggestions for successful management of contracts;
  • extensions of time; negotiation techniques;
  • how to understand and use non-compete and non-disclosure clauses; and
  • contract enforcement.

The workshop will give attention to contract provisions relevant to the current pandemic, such as force majeure clauses and efficient breach methods.

The financial segment of this webinar will:

  • provide updates on the latest SBA and other Financial Relief options available to small businesses; and
  • walk you through forecasting business cash outflows on a weekly/monthly basis.

We will also show how you can control cash outflows by adjusting expenses and how you can show vendors and creditors what your ability to pay might look like.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions relevant to their business during an interactive Q/A session. Small Business owners can also submit their questions before the presentation by emailing them to mcastro@whedco.org.

For more information, please call 347-906-2335. Register at covidbiztools.eventbrite.com.